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@ianh0lmes Very cool! Glad you didn't keep the Vimto in it, it's not recommended to drink after 34 years. 🤨#ISeeVimtoInYou
@morgaanhancockk We like your all or nothing spirit! #ISeeVimtoInYou
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@Matty_W11 Although this is a great idea a line from Vimto to your house may upset the neighbours.🤔#ISeeVimtoInYou
Wow @JayMcGuiness no Vimto? What sort of a wedding was this? Was there even a cake? #AllTimeLow https://t.co/v0lemLQBOg
@Northern_Soul_ @GandGCatering @canalstmancs We've never looked so fancy! #ISeeVimtoInYou
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